How do I change my Wi-Fi password?

You can change your WiFi password at anytime by logging into your router via the admin page. Providing you have made no other changes to your router, you can access the admin page from any smart phone or computer by following the steps below.

Warning: We strongly advise you do this from a computer whilst cabled into your router using the network cable provided in the box. Doing this via WiFi could lead to disconnection and problems saving the new configuration.

  1. Enter into your web browser to load the admin page of your router.
  2. Locate the username and password on the back of your router and enter these details to the browser.
  3. Hover over the Wireless setting then select the gear icon to access WiFi settings.
  4. Update the password in the 'Wireless password' field.
  5. Select save.

Your new password has been set! Please be aware that we're unable to reset this password for you so be sure to record your new password in a safe place. Any devices previously connected will need to be updated with the new password in order to restore access to the internet.

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