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Get fast, reliable & totally unlimited broadband with outstanding customer service

Totally Unlimited Broadband
It's fast and reliable
Easy Switching
It’s completely hassle-free!
Outstanding Customer Service
We genuinely care about our customers

Router or no router? That is the question

Broadband, your way.

We’re revolutionising broadband by separating the service from the router, offering customers unparalleled choice that no other provider offers

  • Choose a better router. We offer better, higher quality routers starting at £2.95/mo for those who need them.

  • Use your own router. Unlike other providers, if you have your own router you can use that instead!

  • Sustainable broadband. By offering a no-router service, we’re reducing electronic waste

Everything you need and more

We go above and beyond

At Onestream, we care about your whole broadband experience. That’s why, we include extra features and services that we believe have huge benefits for our customers.

  • Award-winning online protection

    Every package comes with a one-month free trial of McAfee Multi Access, protecting you against hackers, viruses and identity theft. When the free trial ends, it’s just £34.95 for one year and £79.95 per year thereafter.

  • Premium support

    We also include a two-month free trial of Onestream Assured. You’ll get enhanced service and coverage against unexpected callout charges. After your free trial, it’s just £4.95/mo thereafter.

  • No usage caps

    Our broadband is completely unlimited - we never cap your usage, allowing you to stay connected all day, every day.

Switching is simple

Moving to Onestream is easy. Simply select your broadband and we’ll do the rest

Step one
Select a broadband deal that suits your needs
Step two
We’ll let your current provider know you’re switching
Step three
You’ll be up and running as soon as possible